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His Cavalry Lady - rollover for UK coverHIS CAVALRY LADY [Book 1 of The Aikenhead Honours]

Alex is devoted solely to her Emperor, Tsar Alexander of Russia, until the day she meets Dominic Aikenhead, Duke of Calder, a widower who is determined to have nothing more to do with eligible women. He is kind and generous to Alex, but only because – like everyone else -- he believes she is Alexei Alexandrov, a decorated captain in the Russian cavalry!

Here, in England, they are on opposite sides. Alex has been brought to London as one of the Tsar’s officers so that she can spy on the English. Dominic, the head of the Aikenhead Honours spying ring, is to act as the British liaison officer for the Tsar and his officers during their visit, and to spy on them at the same time. Alex and Dominic are thrown together, and often, but as man and man, not as the man and woman that Alex longs for them to be.

Alex has one slim chance to appear as a real, passionate woman, and to show Dominic what she feels, but will he repulse her? Might he even recognise who she is? If her female identity should ever become known, her whole future will lie in ruins. Does she dare to brave the risk of discovery, for love of Dominic Aikenhead?

Read an extract. Star rating: 4.5 Sensuous

A sumptuous historical romance featuring a gorgeous hero, a strong and exciting heroine and plenty of drama, suspense and intrigue to keep the reader gleefully turning the pages late into the night! Gripping, spellbinding and wonderfully romantic.

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Romantic Times said:

A different political backdrop than the usual Regency... Thrust together by their work for their governments, the attraction grows....

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His Reluctant Mistress - rollover for UK coverHIS RELUCTANT MISTRESS [Book 2 of The Aikenhead Honours]

Lord Leo Aikenhead is a notorious rake, renowned for the scandalous parties he hosts at his country house. But he has a secret life, too: he is a spy, and the acting leader of the Aikenhead Honours while his brother, the Duke of Calder, is in Russia.

It is late summer 1814, and a momentous time. The most powerful men of the age are gathering in Vienna to decide how to carve up Europe after the fall of Napoleon. If the British government is to achieve the balance of power that will prevent future wars, it needs to know what scheming rulers like the Tsar of Russia are plotting there. The Aikenhead Honours are sent to Vienna to find out.

Sophie Pietre, the singer known throughout Europe as the Venetian Nightingale, has a dangerous secret that makes her reluctant to venture out of Italy. But now she has no choice. She is to perform in Vienna before the crowned heads of Europe. She needs protection, but the only protectors who offer themselves are men who believe that her body is for sale. She has learned the hard way that she dare not trust any man.

At their first meeting, Lord Leo Aikenhead seems to be different, for he treats Sophie like a real lady. She finds herself softening, and wondering about what might have been. But when they meet again in Vienna, everything changes. Lord Leo appears to be no different from all the rest. What does he really want from her? And can she armour her heart against his practised charms?

Read an extract. Star rating: 4 Sensuous

His Reluctant Mistress is the second outstanding installment of Joanna Maitland’s superb new series, The Aikenhead Honours. Wonderfully romantic, incredibly exciting and beautifully written, His Reluctant Mistress is a richly woven tapestry of mystery, action, spies, secrets and romance by this talented British author who writes historical romantic fiction as it should be written – with plenty of confidence, style, assurance and aplomb.

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Romantic Times said:

Set against the backdrop of the Vienna Conference and filled with intrigue and history... [Leo and Sophie's] mission takes them into dangerous territory where one slip can mean exposure and death.

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His Forbidden Liaison - rollover US/UK coverHIS FORBIDDEN LIAISON [Book 3 of The Aikenhead Honours]

Lord Jack Aikenhead, the youngest of the Aikenheads, is a playboy who has never really had to take responsibility for what he does. His much older brothers have indulged him for years, paying off his outrageous gambling debts and sheltering him from the truly dangerous activities of their spying ring.

Now Jack is to be put to the test. The Duke of Wellington is sending him from Vienna to France, to report on the unrest there, following the restoration of the old monarchy. This time, Jack won’t have his brothers to lean on. Only Jack and his friend, Ben Dexter, are to go. And for this spying mission, Jack is to be the leader!

It seems straightforward enough, but Jack has reckoned without the thieves and assassins of Marseilles. When Ben is shot, Jack finds he needs help to save both their skins. Does he dare to trust Marguerite Grolier, the beautiful French silk-weaver who owes him a debt?

Marguerite is the mainstay of the little weaving business that keeps her family from starvation. She is determined to protect them, at all costs. And she has many secrets to hide, including where her true sympathies lie, once Napoleon returns to France to re-establish his empire.

When Jack’s presence threatens Marguerite’s family, how far will she go to save them?

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Romantic Times said:

Throughout the Aikenhead Honours, Maitland has drawn on intriguing historical events to set her romances apart.

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Bride of the Solway coverBRIDE OF THE SOLWAY

Cassandra Elliott, hated half-sister of a Galloway laird, has been offered a stark choice. Either she allows herself to be sold in marriage to a man of the laird’s choosing, or she’ll spend the rest of her life in the Bedlam. With no friends in Scotland who would dare to help her, she steels herself to flee across the Solway Firth to find sanctuary with her godfather on the English side. But the crossing is too dangerous for her to go alone. And the laird will soon be on her trail.

Captain Ross Graham has fled from London after being rejected by the woman he loves. He risked his life to rescue her, but it brought him nothing but heartache. Now that he has reached the Scottish Borders, he can breathe again. He resolves to harden his heart against all thoughts of love. He will spend his time safely searching for his long-lost Scottish family. Danger lies among deceitful women. So he will simply avoid them all. Especially if they need rescuing.

Can Ross keep to his resolve when his path crosses Cassie’s?

Read an extract. Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Cassie is a brave heroine with the perfect amount of sass to keep the Captain on his toes. Ross, always the gentleman, embraces his humor in dealing with the headstrong Cassie, but will he ever love her?

Well-paced dialogue amongst lush depiction of the times makes the Bride of the Solway a most enjoyable way to spend an evening dreaming of far away places.

Read the full review here.

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A Regency Invitation - rollover US cover to see UK coverA REGENCY INVITATION

You are cordially invited to the House Party of the Season at Lyndhurst Chase, the hunting box of Major Anthony Lyndhurst. 

Anthony has no hope of children of his own, since his wife disappeared without trace while he was fighting at the Battle of Waterloo. Now, four years later, he has arranged this house party to decide on an heir to his wealth.

Among the large Lyndhurst clan, there are several potential heirs. Will it be Cassie, the headstrong heroine of Nicola’s story, The Fortune Hunter, whose radical past scandalised Society? Or perhaps Marcus, the hero of my story, An Uncommon Abigail, who has spent rather too many years avoiding parson’s mousetrap? Alternatively, there is William, a younger son without prospects, who really could use Anthony’s money. And what about the nameless man who is in hiding at Lyndhurst? Anthony’s solution is revealed in Elizabeth’s story, The Prodigal Bride, along with the answers to several other puzzles we gleefully created along the way.

Although An Uncommon Abigail is the second of the three stories, I don’t think it will spoil your enjoyment of Nicola’s story if you read this extract from mine.

If you are interested to find out how three authors managed to collaborate in such detail when two were in England and one was 12,000 miles away in Australia, you might like to read the short article that appeared in the December 2005 issue of RWR, the magazine of the Romance Writers of America.

For even more information, we created a blog of some of the emails we exchanged while we were devising the outline plot, the characters and the setting, and learning to write each other’s characters. You can read it at Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Romance Junkies - Five Blue Ribbon Award

Keeps getting better with each story, until you reach the climactic end, where love blossoms, and all the mysteries are solved. The more you read, the more curious you become about the mystery and intrigue that surrounds this party, not to mention the build-up of laughter. Nicola Cornick, Joanna Maitland, and Elizabeth Rolls know how to write a Regency at its best.

Romantic Times said:

Perfectly balanced romances that can be read alone but are so much more exciting when read as a whole.

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My Lady Angel - rollover US cover to see UK coversMY LADY ANGEL

Angelina, the widowed Baroness Rosevale, needs a husband and an heir to prevent her hated cousin, the Earl of Penrose, from inheriting her wealth. There would be plenty of candidates for her hand, but she is afraid to put herself in a man’s power again. Besides, if she is unable to bear a healthy child, she would be sacrificing herself to no good purpose.

The Earl of Penrose has been brought up to hate and avoid Angelina’s family. But when he learns that she is promoting the claims of a long-lost French "cousin" to be the rightful Earl of Penrose, he is furious enough to confront her. Angelina’s confused responses quickly turn to anger. She determines to do everything in her power to undermine the Earl.

Penrose is not so easily overcome. So far he has offered the haughty Baroness only harsh condemnation and lacerating anger. But he has another, totally different, side – gentle and charming and deeply seductive.

Faced with an accomplished lover, will Angelina be able to continue the fight?

Read an extract. Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

You can’t help but care for these characters. For a historical romance that will keep you guessing, imperfect characters who will make you laugh and sigh, My Lady Angel is an intricate read that will grip you until the end..

Romantic Times said:

A Regency romp tinged with poignancy that will charm genre fans.

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A Poor Relation - rollover US cover to see UK coverA POOR RELATION

Isabella Winstanley has duped London society about her fortune and her unconventional work among the poor. Her life is under control--until the day she finds herself looking down the barrel of Lord Amburley's pistol.

Amburley is intrigued to find that the mannerless harpy he met on the road has been transformed from poor relation to wealthy society lady. A wicked masquerade, without a doubt, and one that will prove to be misguided, once he has exposed her for what she is--an imposter on the look-out for a husband.

Read an extract Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

A Poor Relation is a delightful story of deception. Lord Amburley is a dark, mysterious rake who begs to be dazzled by a woman worthy of captivating him. Isabella is just the lady to accomplish the deed…

The Regency Lords and Ladies Collection cover

Available from as Volume 5 of The Regency Lords & Ladies Collection and from

Rake's Reward - rollover US cover to see UK coverRAKE'S REWARD

Kit, the black sheep of the Stratton family, has returned to England after five years of enforced exile, determined to have his revenge on the Dowager Countess who ruined him at cards. That may not be easy, however, for the old Dowager has recently acquired a watchdog, in the shape of a grey spinster companion, Marina Beaumont.

Marina desperately needs her companion's wage to support her widowed mother, but her situation is impossible. The Earl will dismiss her if she fails to prevent the Dowager's reckless gambling…and the Dowager will dismiss her if she makes the slightest move to interfere. How can a mere companion thwart the intentions of a man like Kit Stratton, who has money, looks…everything? What reward can Marina offer the most ruthless rake in London to persuade him to spare his quarry?

Rake's Reward is the sequel to Marrying the Major. Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Romance Junkies - Five Blue Ribbon Award

Once again, Joanna Maitland has created a cast of characters that will delight. I highly recommend Rake’s Reward, especially if you enjoy seeing a notorious rake take a gamble in the game of love.

The Regency Lords and Ladies Collection cover

Available from as Volume 28 of The Regency Lords & Ladies Collection and from

Marrying the Major - rollover US cover to see UK coverMARRYING THE MAJOR

For years, Emma Fitzwilliam has been surrounded by callous fortune hunters who indulge her every whim in an effort to win her hand. She will have none of them. Her future husband must love her, and want her, for herself alone. The only man who has ever attracted her was Hugo Stratton--a handsome, laughter-loving young man who treated Emma like a lady rather than the grubby little hoyden she was--but he went off to join the army while she was still in the schoolroom. Emma wove her childish dreams around him for a while, but eventually they faded. Nothing has prompted her to think of him for years.

Until now.

Now he is barely fifty yards away, out on the lawn. And Emma has totally failed to recognise him, giving him barely a second glance as she rode by. This Hugo Stratton is nothing like the man of Emma's fantasies. Nor is he the sort of man to be manipulated by a woman, even one as skilled as Emma in the use of feminine wiles. If she is to pierce Hugo's armour, she will first have to let down her own guard, for Hugo will never make a move towards her…except, perhaps, to save her honour.

Read an extract

Marrying the Major was short-listed for the RNA's Romance Prize 2003. Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

A romance so different and unexpected that I can’t possibly tell you all the reasons I adore this love story without giving away all the surprises. Marrying the Major is multiple waves of emotion wrapped within a heart-warming story.

The Regency Lords and Ladies Collection cover

Available from as Volume 14 of The Regency Lords & Ladies Collection and from

A Penniless Prospect - rollover US cover to see UK coverA PENNILESS PROSPECT

Jessamyne Hazelwood is on the run. What other choice does she have, if she is to avoid a forced marriage to an old miser who has buried two wives already?

Desperate to find somewhere to hide for the few weeks until she turns twenty-one, she has disguised herself in her brother's clothes and is calling herself 'Jamie'. But her attempt to board the stage to Bath has failed. Soon the search party will be hunting for her. Offered the chance of posing as Annie Smithers' backward brother, Jamie grabs at this perilous escape route…only to find herself propelled into the carriage of the enigmatic Earl Hardinge who seems determined to ensure that she never reaches Bath at all.

Read an extract

A Penniless Prospect was short-listed for the Readers Digest/Romantic Novelists Association New Writers Award in 2001.

This delicious confection of a novel is exactly right for a winter's night by the fire, with an unlimited supply of chocolate to hand and the cat purring on the lap!

~ Margaret James, RNA/RD Award Judge and Organiser

~~~~~~~~~~ Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Joanna Maitland has spun a tale filled with surprises, adventure and true love, that I truly enjoyed. I highly recommend this book to those who love a historical that is fresh, endearing and keeps you guessing.


Joyce Koehl at Romance Reviews Today said:

Joanna Maitland has created a wonderful story with believable characters that the reader will find hard to put down. I highly recommend A Penniless Prospect to all those who love historical romances.

The Regency Lords and Ladies Collection Volume 13 cover

Available from as Volume 13 of The Regency Lords & Ladies Collection and from


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